Matthew Mills - The Neoclassical Journey Remastered 2010 CD (Matt Mills Music) One thing crossed my mind when I got Matthew's fifth solo CD in my hands: "Good to have you back, Man!". For all of us who cannot attend Matthew's shows and guitar clinics, his albums prove that Neoclassical Metal still has some loyal and talented "servants". After I listened to "The Neoclassical Journey", I believe that probably is his best solo effort. The talented virtuoso contributes his finest guitar work in splendid songs like the opener "Thoughts Of Time", which once again highlights his favorite songwriting style: strong, catchy and melodic riffs combined with astonishing guitar cadenzas that established his reputation over the years. "Dark Matter part 2" is deeply emotional, sentimental and European-flavored song, with strong Baroque influences. Matthew reaches the limits of his performance and always tries to set new standards for his favorite musical style. Its difficult to follow a Neoclassical Metal path without being repetitive but Matthew proves this opinion wrong. Just listen to the song "Night Time": Melody and atmosphere combine smoothly and the result is wonderful. For all the above reasons, I cannot stop listening to Matthew's musical creations, even though I am not a guitarist, so that means a lot.  "The Neoclassical Journey features also two guest appearances: David Shankle (DSG, ex-Manowar) contributes two solos on "Dragon's Fire", while Joe Stump delivers his distinguishable guitar solo in the song "Fire Storm". For all arpeggio fanatics, the closing track of the CD, "Arpeggio Travel part 3" ends Matthew's "arpeggio trilogy" that began in his second album titled "Neoclassical Rock guitar" delivers his insane performance and makes everyone ask for more! "The Neoclassical Journey" is  a highlight of modern Neoclassical Metal, proving that the genre still stands strong. You can buy the album through or digitally download it via iTunes.  Matthew Mill's official web-site Dimitris Starakis”

— Magic Starlight

I remember meeting Matt, hanging with him and hearing him play a bit.He`s a very nice guy and in an excellent player as well.Scary Arpeggio play combined with blazingly fast neo-classical runs, fans of over the top guitar work will have plenty to feast on while listening to Matt`s playing. Joe Stump” - Joe Stump

— Joe Stump

In 2002 he released his first album "Matt Mills Project". In 2005 he released his second album "Neoclassical Rock Guitar" and in 2007 his third "Neoclassical Rock Guitar Part 2". Now he already released his new album, "Neoclassical Spirit". On his new album are mainly songs of breaknecking speed, but always with strong melodies and themes. Of course there're also a few slower parts/songs. In general "Neoclassical Spirit" is a superb guitar shredfest of arpeggios and speed picking madness! As guests there are besides David Shankle two of Matthew'sfavorite guitarists; Joe Stump and George Bellas. Till now his best album I think, because he wrote some of the best melodies ever for this album!”

Mario's Metalmania

I checked out your website and sound clips... Sounds like you've got a good thing going on! I especially liked the slow melodic elements of the songs. George Bellas” - George Bellas
The title of this CD tells you all you need to know...This 11 track CD is a collection of songs played in the style of Neoclassical metal guitar riffing music......Matthew Mills is a Guitarist/composer who playes with great style/finess/and virtousity....This guy can shred with the best of them.....His name belongs right up there with all the great Guitar Heroes such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Marty Friedman....Matthew Mills obviously knows that it is about style and not simply speed, like I said he's a master shredder and composer but after listening to this 2008 release one thing was very clear and that is that while he can no doubt play very fast he does so without sounding like an angry bee and each solo seems to fit each song just right and capture the appropriate emotion and feeling for each song....Another thing I enjoyed about this Cd was Matthew Mills featured guest Guitar Players on this CD such as Joe Stump, George Bellas, and David Shankle who are all remarkable players in their own right.......It's obvious that Matthew Mills featured these Guitar Players on this CD because of the influence they had on him as a Player and it's also refreashing to see that someone as talented as Matthew Mills is not threatened by other Guitar Players who are equally as talented as he is and has no problem shareing the spotlight with them....So if you're a fan of Ritchie Blackmoore and Yngwie Malmsteen I think you'll no doubt want to pick up a copy of Neoclassical Spirit by Matthew Mills and that you'll no doubt agree with me when I tell you that Matthew Mills is every, bit as talented as Blackmoore and Malmsteen”

— Jason Houston Rock Zone Productions

The first clip/AVI video I saw and heard was some serious stuff!.......... Great job Matthew George Bellas”

— George Bellas

I listened to some of your clips and they sound great!! Rusty Cooley”

— Rusty Cooley

Matt Mills is a guitarist dream. Unreal technique combined with a great sense of melody, which grabs your ear and bends it to painless delight. Soaring runs and arpeggio heaven, this guy is carrying the tourch for the future of Neo-Classical guitar. It was a pleasure playing on Matt's upcoming masterpiece. Check out his recordings or see it won't be dissapointed.” - Sean Baker
I first saw Matt on his myspace site. I thought he had great phrasing and great speed. Keep up the good work! David Shankle DSG.”

— David Shankle

Your playing is top notch, keep on shreddin' all the best Roger Staffelbach”

— Roger Staffelbach